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Palm Beach Gardens Porcelain Implant Bridge

Porcelain Implant Bridge: This Premium Option Most Closely
Resembles the Look and Feel of Real Teeth.

  • Is tooth loss destroying your confidence?
  • Are you afraid to share a smile with the ones you love?
  • Are you avoiding social and professional situations, because you’re ashamed of your teeth?

If you’re looking for the best and most life-like option available anywhere to replace your failing teeth, the Teeth Next Day® Porcelain Implant Bridge is definitely it! The Teeth Next Day® Porcelain Implant Bridge has no pink material to simulate gum tissue like the Nanoceramic Implant Bridge or Zirconia Implant Bridge. It’s only teeth, so you’ll look and feel like you have your own real teeth. The Porcelain Implant Bridge is as thin and streamlined as real teeth, so you’ll feel much less bulk in your mouth and your speech won’t be affected like other implant bridges.

This highly esthetic premium implant bridge option usually involves placing 8 implants per arch and only replaces the teeth, not the gums, so the implants and gums must heal before the permanent bridge is fabricated. A temporary bridge is placed the SAME DAY as implant surgery, so you leave the first day with temporary teeth attached to your implants. After three months of healing, your beautiful Teeth Next Day® Porcelain Implant Bridge will be custom designed just for you.

Porcelain Implant Bridge: The Premium Option that Looks and Feels Most Like Real Teeth

Patients who’ve received our Porcelain Implant Bridge tell us they feel like they have their real teeth because the shape, size and design is exactly like real teeth. There’s no pink material to simulate gum tissue and the bridge is much thinner than other options, so it won’t affect your speech at all and feels totally natural.

With the Porcelain Implant Bridge, the implants must be placed around the entire arch, so it requires patients have more jaw bone than some of the other Teeth Next Day® options. For this reason, not all patients are candidates for The Teeth Next Day® Porcelain Implant Bridge.

A 3D CT Scan will be taken of your teeth and jaws to determine if you have adequate bone to place up to 8 implants to support the Porcelain Implant Bridge. Even if there isn’t adequate bone for this premium option, most patients have enough bone to fabricate a Nanoceramic Implant Bridge or a Zirconia Implant Bridge.

If you’re struggling with failing dental work or bad teeth, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Teeth Next Day®, the only teeth replacement design that gives you options in permanent teeth.

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