Am I A Candidate?

Am I A Teeth Next Day® Candidate?

who qualifies for teeth next day®

Who Qualifies for Teeth Next Day®?

Teeth Next Day® are a viable solution for individuals who have lost several teeth due to decay, disease, or injury. If you’re in good general health and have a jawbone capable of supporting implants, you’re likely a suitable candidate. However, even if you’ve experienced bone loss, procedures like bone grafting can potentially prepare your jaw for implants.

Why Teeth Next Day®

Might Be the Right Solution for You

Teeth Next Day® isn’t just about replacing teeth; it’s about transforming lives. Our unique approach offers multiple options for permanent teeth replacement, tailored to your specific needs and budget. Unlike many dental implant centers that offer only one solution, we believe in giving you the power of choice.

Our dental implants are crafted from durable materials like ceramics, zirconia, or porcelain, designed to maintain their color and integrity over time. This means you can enjoy a bright, shiny smile for decades. Plus, our Teeth Next Day® options usually incorporate six dental implants for enhanced strength and durability, allowing you to eat all the foods you love with confidence.

The Only Dental Implant Solution
That Offers Options for Permanent Teeth

Permanent Teeth Options

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hybrid implant bridge
*Based on Credit Approval



zirconia implant bridge
*Based on Credit Approval



porcelain implant bridge
*Based on Credit Approval

Removable Teeth Options

2 Implants



4 Implants






Ideal For Patients Who:

Why You Might Need
Teeth Next Day® Solutions

why you might need teeth next day® solutions

Remember, you’re not alone in your struggle with dental problems. Millions of people have found their solution in Teeth Next Day®. If you’re ready to walk in with problem teeth and walk out with a brand new smile, contact us today. Your journey to a healthier, happier life starts here.

Transformed Smiles, Transformed Lives

Hear From Our Happy Teeth Next Day® Patients
patient transformed smiles

I have always suffered with major dental problems and wanted a special dentist who could give me a smile I’d be proud of. I’m so thankful I found the right doctor to help me.

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Lenny's before after image
patient transformed smiles

I had major dental issues & knew I needed an expert to do it right the first time. After meeting with Dr. Ajmo & his team, I knew I was in the right place. Having my teeth & smile restored has completely changed my life. I can honestly say I’m so happy & it shows every time I smile. I can’t thank Dr. Jay Ajmo enough.

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Linda's before after image
patient transformed smiles

It was tough for me socially. I was always hiding my smile and I finally got to a point in life where I decided to fix my smile, but I was really nervous about the pain. The IV Sedation worked extremely well, so I felt no pain and the transformation was almost instantaneous. My self-confidence has been totally boosted and it’s absolutely fantastic.

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Tim's before after image
patient transformed smiles

I was very self-conscious about how I looked and I was afraid of the dentist, so I kept putting it off. When I learned about Teeth Next Day® and the Zirconia Implant Bridge, I knew that’s what I wanted. The sedation worked wonders and I did great. Every time I see someone I haven’t seen in awhile, they tell me how much younger I look and ask me what I did. It’s a great feeling to feel comfortable talking to people. I would do it all over again!

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Jerry's before after image
patient transformed smiles

I suffered for years with bad teeth and I didn’t know who to trust. Once I learned about Teeth Next Day®, I figured I’d go in for a free consultation and learn more about it. After spending time with the doctor and staff, I began to get more relaxed and confident about the procedure. I’m so happy I did this and I would do it again if I had to. Everyone took great care of me and I felt no discomfort throughout the process. Thanks!

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Michelle's before after image
patient transformed smiles

For years, I couldn’t eat without being in pain and I was embarrassed to smile. I felt like my teeth were limiting my entire life. Now I feel like I got a piece of myself back and I’m smiling all the time. Dr. Ajmo and his team didn’t just fix my smile, they gave me a new outlook on life. I’m so thankful to them for giving me a beautiful new smile.

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Jackie's before after image
patient transformed smiles

I only wanted an expert to do my implants. I finally found Dr. Ajmo who I learned had many years of experience performing these advanced procedures. He did such a wonderful job replacing all my failing dental work. I’m so thankful, now I smile all the time.

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Denise before after image
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